After a solid dose of independent mapmaking, Geosprocket is on hold as of February 2014 while other projects are being pursued. Thanks to all the great clients and collaborators we've had over the years!

Web Applications

Your data has a story to tell, and place is a part of it - we build interactive websites and applications that bring the story to the forefront, putting your audience on the map.

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Remote Sensing

Humans are changing the world acre by acre, and we can help you figure out how, when and why. We measure land change at scales from the farm to the continent.

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Spatial Analytics

The geographic context is often the key to problem-solving. We bring advanced statistical tools to bear on political, environmental and social relationships - we find spatial explanations.

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Orienting your world online and on the ground.

GeoSprocket is a multifaceted geospatial consulting firm. We excel at bringing the power of place and the strength of spatial relationships to bear on real-world challenges and opportunities. Process is the chain and place is the sprocket.

We come from sustainable roots.

Founded in 2010 by a former Peace Corps volunteer, GeoSprocket is dedicated to making geospatial applications available where they are most needed, and to deploying them with accessible and sustainable technologies.

With an advanced mapping toolkit.

We regularly contribute to the world's communal basemap, OpenStreetMap, and we collaborate with Ushahidi to crowdsource essential geographic information. We roll our carto-visualizations with MapBox, CartoDB, Quantum GIS and IndieMapper.

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